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I'd argue instead that the "THE CLOUD!!" is a natural and amazing evolution
that everyone should embrace. I use Dropbox (primary), Evernote, OneDrive
(secondary), Google Drive (secondary), etc., and have perfect redundancy
across a wide range of platforms. Not only do I have all of my data stored
locally, but it's also obviously sync'd to the cloud and available both
from there and locally on all my other devices that happen to have some
type of Internet connection (which these days is pretty much everything).
There's also version/revision control and an ability to restore anything
that gets accidentally deleted. It's transformed the way that I work from
anywhere, at any time, from any device. If any of those services went kaput
one day, big deal, I have literally half a dozen or more copies on various
devices. And if one of my systems loses a drive or corrupts data, no big
deal. There's really no downside there. In fact. this is especially good
because most people don't have a backup plan in place. With this, it's near
instantaneous backup.

Since this is all automated, there's very little to think about. I
personally don't have to manually back up anything because of it. This is
all a far cry from using computing devices in the past, where you were one
corrupted disk/cassette or drive away from losing everything (and goodness
knows I've had that happen to me more than once). I love vintage computers
as much as anyone, but that's one thing I'll never miss about them.

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On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 7:09 PM, Dave McGuire via vcf-midatlantic <
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>>   Yes.  With people jumping in droves to put everything in/on "THE
> CLOUD!!", without a thought or a clue as to the consequences, I can't help
> but sit back and laugh.  It's the same centralized model, except that it's,
> as Matt Patoray so aptly puts it, SOMEONE ELSE'S COMPUTER.
>   At least the company mainframe was owned by an entity whom you
> ostensibly had some sort of a connection to.
>   Oh well.  People will learn when all their stuff just up and
> disappears.  And companies will figure out what happens when they store
> their customer lists and other business-proprietary data on computers owned
> by some of the world's largest data mining companies.  B-)
>             -Dave
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> Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
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