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> I have to agree with Bill. Given the proper use case, cloud (true cloud,
> which is not just "someone else's computer", a common misconception) can be
> an advantage. Moving some of our compute and storage resources to the cloud
> allows us more agility to react to changes and liberates our limited IT
> resources to engage in higher value strategic work.

​I don't have a argument here, other than to say their reliability factor
is a total crap
​When you have 1,000's of businesses that rely on commerce and this all
travels thru these cloud computing providers,
And the majority of commerce is done online these days
Yet they are a single point of failure - when Amazon goes down because some
nitwit type in the wring command line - just recently
POOF went all business for every one of those companies -- in the Millions
When I worked in engineering at Bell Labs for ATT and Lucent,
You are >>>>required<<< to implement Fault tolerance mechanisms into your
design down to the bare metal.
This was a long die-hard tradition from the days when the majority of
commerce was done over the telephone - ie.before the Internet.
Availability was the competitive factor in the 5ESS and previous models,
also the BWM Network Transport systems for the backbone,
so it's not just a FCC requirement.
Networks have no regulations for Availabilty

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