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I agree with that, too. Internally, our average uptime is much better than
most cloud providers standard offerings. Cloud provider diversity should
beer a critical part of any cloud system architecture.

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>> I have to agree with Bill. Given the proper use case, cloud (true cloud,
>> which is not just "someone else's computer", a common misconception) can
>> be
>> an advantage. Moving some of our compute and storage resources to the
>> cloud
>> allows us more agility to react to changes and liberates our limited IT
>> resources to engage in higher value strategic work.
> ​I don't have a argument here, other than to say their reliability factor
> is a total crap
> ​When you have 1,000's of businesses that rely on commerce and this all
> travels thru these cloud computing providers,
> And the majority of commerce is done online these days
> Yet they are a single point of failure - when Amazon goes down because
> some nitwit type in the wring command line - just recently
> POOF went all business for every one of those companies -- in the Millions
> !!
> When I worked in engineering at Bell Labs for ATT and Lucent,
> You are >>>>required<<< to implement Fault tolerance mechanisms into your
> design down to the bare metal.
> This was a long die-hard tradition from the days when the majority of
> commerce was done over the telephone - ie.before the Internet.
> Availability was the competitive factor in the 5ESS and previous models,
> also the BWM Network Transport systems for the backbone,
> so it's not just a FCC requirement.
> Networks have no regulations for Availabilty
> Dan

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