[vcf-midatlantic] Success in restoring old mechanical keyboards

John Heritage john.heritage at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 17:03:13 EDT 2017

Hey folks, You probably all know this but I wanted to report success in
restoring some old Focus 2001 mechanical keyboards...  I've had these
around since the BBS era, and they were quite yellowed (and pretty
disgusting otherwise too.. :( )..

Anyway, after doing some research -- Salon Care 40 Volume Creme is
basically "retrobright" in a bottle.  $5 for 32 oz, and I still have a lot
left over (next case to restore = Amiga 1200).

Attached pic shows basically a before and after (two different keyboards,
but both were equally as bad).

A few things I learned:

- 4 hours of sunlight (UV) is enough, 6 hours with clouds is just enough
with the solution

- Use cling wrap over top of any plastic you've applied the solution to to
keep it wet

-Soaking the keycaps in dish soap and hot water for a few hours does
wonders, then:

- You can be a little lazy with keys by putting them in a glass bowl,
pouring 3% hydrogen peroxide over everything, and putting aluminum foil
underneath to make sure UV bounces everywhere.  With this method you'll
probably need a second bath or manual application of the creme to restore
all keys properly.

- I used a lot of q-tips and 90% rubbing alcohol to clean the keyboard and
electronics internals

- Of course wear gloves with this stuff

- Using a keyboard with an XT/AT switch on a modern PC is fun :)

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