[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Looking for a new job

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Apr 21 13:49:31 EDT 2017

> I live in Hells Kitchen in NY.
> I have multiple 10Gbps Direct Connect Connections to multiple peered
> VPCs in multiple availability zones to connect to my datacenters and I
> manage the network and the security zones for at least 12VPCs.
> Thats on top of all the other Networking Work I do..
> It's Thurs, if I felt better I would need a drink.

I don't work for AWS but probably terabits of their bandwidth is around 
the corner from where I'm sitting in the building I'm sitting :-) I assume 
it's all AWS peering feeding cross connects, not sure -- we don't 
peer with them. Crazy amounts of connectivity though.

I think they have over 30 datacenters around the area for the whole EAST 
zone. Of all the datacenters in the area I actually don't know many 
locations of theirs (yet.) Been thinking about starting a mapping project. 
They're decently spread out.

 				- Ethan

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