[vcf-midatlantic] Inventor of the first personal computer dies - and it's not who you think

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> >> I wasn't trying to be witty
> And it shows. :)
> Herb made serious points.
> Then the thread went downhill with a bunch of dumb jokes.

Just want to say...I don't think Evan is saying the homebrew era stuff is
not good, it's less evolved, kind of like cars were before the model T
assembly line process was applied to cars.  There were many well-crafted
cars before the model T, but they were harder to support, small scale
operations.  S-100 in particular evolved nicely into the 80's and lasted
for a good 10 years of strong sales 76-86.  At the end of this run they
were hardly homebrew systems.  When you compare the s-100s of 1976 with
s-100s of 1986, clearly the former for "homebrew" in comparison.  Smart,
crafted but certainly not industrially assembled.   The quality control of
the industrial process was a necessary component of the appliance
computers, ISA bus, IEE686 S-100, Apple II, etc.

Apple I homebrew (brilliantly designed, crafted/assembled and tested by an
Apple II appliance (brilliantly designed, industrially produced, cost more
of a factor, QA by software and standardized.)


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