[vcf-midatlantic] PC needed for VCFed BBS

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Wed Apr 26 11:43:09 EDT 2017

If you could get hold of a 486SX, and get hold of a copy of TBBS 2.2 or 
later and the other add ons, you could run a BBS on a single computer that 
can handle 64 or maybe 128 inbound connections at once. You could have a 
rack mount modem box (USRobotics MP/16 maybe) and then tie all the other 
lines to a terminal server that can terminate telnet and SSH to serial 
(Opengear, cyclades, Livingston/Lucent Portmaster) into other connections?
TBBS uses buffered Digiboards and the like to get all the serial 

The downside to TBBS is since it internally task switches, door games that 
aren't written for TBBS won't work.

But the positive side is, it's frigging amazing that a 486SX can run that 
many lines without lagging out like a Desqview/386 Sysop (remember those 
people? Ugh)

C|Net on the Amiga might also be able to run a bunch but you would need a 
A3000 I think, or maybe a A2000 w/ accelerator? I am not sure but I 
thought someone told me they used those strange SCSI to serial boxes (Digi 
had one) as the multiport serial adapter.

Kudos to Jason Scott for having Phil Becker in the BBS documentary. I 
never knew that many people knew about it, I thought everyone was all 
about the MajorBBS galactiboxes (was never a giant MajorBBS fan 

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