[vcf-midatlantic] assembler is tedious (was WooHoo!) (Jeffrey Jonas)

Mike Willegal mike at willegal.net
Wed Aug 2 20:32:39 EDT 2017

Programming in any language can be tedious, depending upon the task, tools and library of existing routines that you can draw from.  Like Jeff says, if you have been coding a certain type of application in assembler, or any other language, for a while, you will eventually build up a library of routines that make life a lot less tedious.

Regarding Jeff's comment about the Apple 1 monitor being clever, the most ingenious little monitor I’ve seen is the 256 byte Creed monitor for the 8008 that was published in volume 1, number 7, of the Micro-8 newsletter.  Just like the Apple 1 monitor, it can read, write and execute a program in memory, but it also squeezed a boot loader.  It did all that with the very difficult to program, 8008.  The user interface implemented by the Creed monitor is very, very nice to use.

Here is a link to a web page of mine, that has a port of the Creed Monitor to the SCELBI.

http://www.willegal.net/scelbi/MCMON.html <http://www.willegal.net/scelbi/MCMON.html>

Mike Willegal

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