[vcf-midatlantic] assembler is tedious (was WooHoo!) (Jeffrey Jonas)

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Aug 3 16:27:58 EDT 2017

> If the above is too "tedious", if you are messing with vintage computers 
> "for fun", and don't care about historic perspective, that's fine. But 
> you have a choice. Try to sledge-hammer C code (or some 
> language-of-the-year) from a cross-compiler into an Apple II, and trip 
> over all the I/O it needs to "know"? Or, work within the Apple II's 
> BASIC, Sweet-16, and assembly-language calls (documented long ago) - in 
> assembler (readily accessible) - and get something DONE? And learn 
> something "old"?
> If you are worried about looking trivial - buy a Raspberry Pi and 
> *guarantee* your results are trivial, just in a larger social group.

I'm the one who said "tedious". But keep in mind where I'm coming from: 
BASIC and LOGO. Got plenty of good things "done" in both languages, and 
now it's time for me to learn what more can be done in assembly. Yes I 
griped somewhat :) but the fact that it's going to be a challenge is 
exactly why I want to learn it. I'll be able to have better 
conversations with museum visitors and better understand some of the 
conversations here among our own members.

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