[vcf-midatlantic] assembler is tedious (was WooHoo!)

Bob Applegate bob at corshamtech.com
Mon Aug 7 19:46:31 EDT 2017

Just for reference, assembly language is still used quite a bit today in the real world.  Too many kids coming out of college don’t bother (or aren’t offered) assembly and are completely clueless about how a computer actually works.  While that’s great for many environments and jobs, the reality is that there are a lot of jobs where having assembly would get someone in the door quicker, a better starting salary, and in a more stable position.

From the perspective of someone current conducting interviews for a senior level software engineer, having ANY assembly language would give someone a huge edge over someone without it.  We wouldn’t care if it was an 1802 back in the 70s or a Pentium yesterday; if you understand the concepts of how a processor operators you can quickly learn a different architecture.

Knowing assembly is still a good skill to have.


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