[vcf-midatlantic] Stuff for sale

Douglas Crawford touchetek at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 01:03:37 EDT 2017

The projects have stacked up too high... so I'm lightening my inventory!
These are being first offered to folks who can pick up at the workshop 
and to folks local to Pottstown PA for pickup.
What doesn't sell now might be offered later for the next workshop or 
Suggested retail prices are given, taking reasonable offers of course.
Generally taking best offers, at my discretion.
I might be persuaded to a cut additional  break if you have a cool 
project purpose.

Everything can be seen here: http://imgur.com/a/Mz4Cv

General Past projects, restored:
- Amiga 3000, working, boots off hard disk, with cleaned keyboard, and 
pregnant mouse.
- TRS-80 Model III badged 16k,but  48k installed, diskless model, works 
great, have loaded files through cassette port from wave player.
- TRS-80 Model III 48k, Empty drive bays, but has drive supports and 
untested drive power supply.
- Kaypro 10, working ST-225 drive installed and loaded with both Perfect 
Software and Micropro software suites, reproduction install floppies.
- Commodore 8032, very nice, Everything I could think of to test all 
    Tested IEEE port with PETDisk. Saves and loads from Cassette.
    Keyboard was restored with conductive coating on the plungers.
  - PC Junior monitor, works end of cord is not factory (I got it that 
way :) ).  Nice looking, not yellowed.

FREE Stuff:

- TRS-80 Model IV shell- just case, tube and video.  Video board may not 
work. (not shown in the photos.  Its presentable.)
- Kaypro II shell: case, Kbd shell, tube, and power supply.  No drives.

Compact macs: all work: I powered them up, screen, kbd, mouse, tested 
that the floppies mount and read.
- Macintosh SE, ADB II dbd, Bus II mouse, Nice, dual floppy with SCSI 
drive that all works, System 7 installed.  Video caps replaced.
- Macintosh 512K, yellowed, Ext. Kbd, cord, and Mouse, case flaw on top 
over what is a hot spot of the video board.
- AppleColor 13" RGB Monitor, quite yellowed (introduced 1987 for $1,647!)
- G4 PowerPC Desktop, 800Mhz single proc, kbd and mouse
- Apple Studio CRT Monitor (shown paired with the 800Mhz G4 
demonstrating that it all works)
   $100 each
- G4  Desktop 450Mhz Dual Proc, System unit only. Case doesn't latch but 
looks nice.  Works.

THINKPADS:  All have bad batteries of course but they run, as seen in 
the IMGUR photos.
- IBM Thinkpad 380-D Win95 Laptop, works, Screen has bad pixels on left 
side, CMOS battery dead.
- IBM Thinkpad 600E Win98
- IBM Thinkpad iSeries 1420 Win98 Professional CMOS battery dead, 
burried deep inside I think.

And for your listening pleasure while you restore stuff:
- Polk Audio bookshelf speakers

* In the batter's box
* I may also be selling these items in the future but not committing to it.
* Let me know if you have strong interest, don't ask me what I want for 
*  tell me what they are worth TO YOU.  (such a tease, I know)

- Model IV, really nice one, NEED TO DELAY SELLING THIS at least UNTIL I 
get my 4D working. (seen in the main imgur)
- Altos 580 CP/M MP/M Project. I have quite a bit of doc and disks for 
this. (seen in the main imgur)
- DEC Rainbow project: See here: http://imgur.com/a/wHs4j
- Amiga 4000 Works booting from floppy. http://imgur.com/a/YY6hK
- Dual 8" floppy S-100 by Pegasis (Small time NJ  S-100 board 
integrator)w/ rebadged (shoddilly) Televideo 925 Terminal.  (seen in the 
main imgur)
    There is extensive documentation and working media for this.
- SD Systems big hulking industrial S-100 system  populated with 
complete SD System cards! http://imgur.com/a/4GNWB
- AT&T / Teletype 5425 Terminal that goes with things like the ATT 3B 
computers.  Very nice, works great.

- IBM PS2 Model 77 486DX2 Desktop
- IBM PS2 Model 30 286 Desktop
- IBM PS2 Model 56 SX Desktop


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