[vcf-midatlantic] the binary programmer cartoon

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 06:11:26 EDT 2017

re: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/209/503496984_bc43812ff6_o.jpg

It's a Far Side style cartoon "real programmers code in binary"
showing a fellow at a CRT displaying only ones and zeroes.
The kybd has 3 keys: 0 1 enter

I'm not amused, nor is anyone who uses front panels,
whether toggle switched or pushbuttons.
At least we "enter the program" in binary.
Even Evan's doing that now!

Some systems have pushbuttons that encourage "chording" in octal:
the kembak, Univac, HP, etc.

There's a reason all computers up to the 70s had huge front panels.
The binary status REALLY MATTERED.

-- Jeff Jonas

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