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Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
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>> LOL ... learning the fundamentals of the HP-1000 and PDP-8 front panels,
>>>> and starting to learn assembly, has been a real eye-opener for me. Mostly
>>>> it's confirmed my existing belief that you guys are all very smart and/or
>>>> very crazy. :)
>>> For your next stupid human trick.. err I mean eye opener, you need to
>>> design your own CPU at a register transfer level out of either standard
>>> logic families (74xx/4xxx) or discrete transistors like Eric.  Then after
>>> that you need to build your own transistor from raw Earth materials.  Then
>>> we can let you into the super secret engineering rooms... where things
>>> REALLY get crazy!
>> I'll get right on that.
> ​and then you have to build a 1-bit CPU,
> where all operations are done in serial fashion,
> not the customary 8-bit parallel​ [or 16-bit,32-bit,etc]
> That's another terminology which has faded from history,
> These days, when you mention the phrase "parallel computer",
> it refers to multiple processors operating together, in a cohesive fashion.
> If you recall some of the systems from the past history,
> that earlier terminology about serial computers was commonplace,
> and it was done mostly to save money on components,
> But always at the expense of performance.
> So you can't go wrong with making only 1-bit CPU ;)

  It is often forgotten that parallelism can be implemented at many
different levels in computing.


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