[vcf-midatlantic] Updates -- TV/monitor stuff

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Fri Aug 11 00:40:25 EDT 2017

Update for Jeff/Corey: I talked to Adam and Dean, both of whom helped 
determine which monitors/TVs to keep and which to sell/recycle. We 
decided to move the 27" Sony TV from the sell/recycle pile back into the 
keep pile. It's a good TV for certain artifacts-of-the-month, it's good 
for some VCF East exhibitors, good for Festivus, and so on.

Update for everyone: decided on my own to remove Bernie S.'s former 
prison TV from the sell/recycle pile. I talked to him and we made came 
up with a plan: he's going to autograph it for us, and then he supports 
us eBay-ing it or selling it at the next VCF East. After all it's a 
federal prison TV used by a famous hacker! Too important to let go for 
ten bucks. But we still don't need it, so we'll get real value from it.

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