[vcf-midatlantic] Mac SE coming to Workshop

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Fri Aug 11 14:57:49 EDT 2017

Degnan: I am picking up a MAC SE model 5011 with a bad SCSi HD (I am 
told) on the way to the workshop Saturday to play around with.  Not sure 
if anyone is into these I think the hard drive is bad...


It bugs me sometimes, that many of my VCFians don't realize I've been 
fixing and selling classic Macs and parts for about 20 years.


Old hard-drives fail for the factual reasons cited. Smacking hard drives 
to release them from what most call "stiction", works in various ways, 
depending on the actual physical fault, which isn't always "stiction".

On compact Macs, there's bad connections which a smack on the case will 
verify and sometimes "fix". Just as in an earlier post, I suggested 
removing IC chips from sockets, fixes (or causes) bad connections.

As for stickers on Macs. I don't engage in voodoo discussions, but 
sometimes voodoo methods have a basis in fact. A properly placed smack! 
is an exercise in physics; a properly placed decal is an exercise in 
art, or voodoo.

Bill Degnan is an old friend of mine, but sometimes I think he "smacks" 
the VCFed NJ list, just to see if it "fixes" the discussion, or just to 
watch the sparks fly. Three times is the charm, Bill. Or...three strikes 
and 'yer OUT! ;)

Herb "wack-a-mole" Johnson

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