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So, are you officially validating the use of percussive maintenance?

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> Degnan: I am picking up a MAC SE model 5011 with a bad SCSi HD (I am
> told) on the way to the workshop Saturday to play around with.  Not sure
> if anyone is into these I think the hard drive is bad...
> ------------------------------------
> It bugs me sometimes, that many of my VCFians don't realize I've been
> fixing and selling classic Macs and parts for about 20 years.
> http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/mac.html
> Old hard-drives fail for the factual reasons cited. Smacking hard drives
> to release them from what most call "stiction", works in various ways,
> depending on the actual physical fault, which isn't always "stiction".
> On compact Macs, there's bad connections which a smack on the case will
> verify and sometimes "fix". Just as in an earlier post, I suggested
> removing IC chips from sockets, fixes (or causes) bad connections.
> As for stickers on Macs. I don't engage in voodoo discussions, but
> sometimes voodoo methods have a basis in fact. A properly placed smack!
> is an exercise in physics; a properly placed decal is an exercise in
> art, or voodoo.
> Bill Degnan is an old friend of mine, but sometimes I think he "smacks"
> the VCFed NJ list, just to see if it "fixes" the discussion, or just to
> watch the sparks fly. Three times is the charm, Bill. Or...three strikes
> and 'yer OUT! ;)
> Herb "wack-a-mole" Johnson
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> preserve, recover, restore 1970's computing
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