[vcf-midatlantic] Stuff for sale - taking requests for anything workshop attendees would like to see.

Douglas Crawford touchetek at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 15:21:56 EDT 2017

I'll pack and bring to the workshop anything that folks are interested in.

General Past projects, restored:
- Amiga 3000, working, boots off hard disk, with cleaned keyboard, and
pregnant mouse.
- TRS-80 Model III badged 16k,but  48k installed, diskless model, works
great, have loaded files through cassette port from wave player.
- TRS-80 Model III 48k, Empty drive bays, but has drive supports and
untested drive power supply.
- Kaypro 10, working ST-225 drive installed and loaded with both Perfect
Software and Micropro software suites, reproduction install floppies.
- Commodore 8032, very nice, Everything I could think of to test all
     Tested IEEE port with PETDisk. Saves and loads from Cassette.
     Keyboard was restored with conductive coating on the plungers.
   - PC Junior monitor, works end of cord is not factory (I got it that
way :) ).  Nice looking, not yellowed.

FREE Stuff:

- TRS-80 Model IV shell- just case, tube and video.  Video board may not
work. (not shown in the photos.  Its presentable.)
- Kaypro II shell: case, Kbd shell, tube, and power supply.  No drives.

Compact macs: all work: I powered them up, screen, kbd, mouse, tested
that the floppies mount and read.
- Macintosh SE, ADB II dbd, Bus II mouse, Nice, dual floppy with SCSI
drive that all works, System 7 installed.  Video caps replaced.
- Macintosh 512K, yellowed, Ext. Kbd, cord, and Mouse, case flaw on top
over what is a hot spot of the video board.
- G4 PowerPC Desktop, 800Mhz single proc, kbd and mouse
- Apple Studio CRT Monitor (shown paired with the 800Mhz G4
demonstrating that it all works)
    $100 each
- G4  Desktop 450Mhz Dual Proc, System unit only. Case doesn't latch but
looks nice.  Works.

THINKPADS:  All have bad batteries of course but they run, as seen in
the IMGUR photos.
- IBM Thinkpad 380-D Win95 Laptop, works, Screen has bad pixels on left
side, CMOS battery dead.
- IBM Thinkpad 600E Win98
- IBM Thinkpad iSeries 1420 Win98 Professional CMOS battery dead,
burried deep inside I think.

And for your listening pleasure while you restore stuff:
- Polk Audio bookshelf speakers

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