[vcf-midatlantic] Mac SE coming to Workshop

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Fri Aug 11 16:04:29 EDT 2017

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>> Never drop them! Sticktion can (usually) safely be fixed by placing the
>> drive on a smooth surface, rapidly rotating it a few times with a flick of
>> the wrist, then quickly applying power. Dropping risks head damage.
>> The only time this did not work for me, I had to sacrifice the drive by
>> opening it and spinning the platters manually. The drive was absolutely on
>> borrowed time from that point on, but I managed to recover the data. Does
>> not bother using it after that.
> I have had no problems opening a drive to de-stiction it while carefully
> minimizing exposure to dust.  The enclosure is not a vacuum and opening the
> drive for a minute to free it is not necessarily a death sentence.
> Dropping a computer for any reason is worse if you ask me.

The "drop technique" does work. Often just a slight tilt of the CPU will suffice. I usually just tap the bottom right side of the case (where the drive is) and if it's a "sticktion" issue that'll usually let the drive spin up. If so then it's time to harvest the data and dispose of the drive when convenient. If not, other methods have already been mentioned.

While the scsi2sd and similar options are awesome (I use a few myself) if you are looking for a period correct replacement drive or just a 50pin scsi drive of any capacity, I'd gladly send one your way. I also have some 4.1gb drives and other various 50pin and 68 pin (with 68 to 50 pin adapters) drives in stock. I could drop one off at the workshop (pun intended) in the morning before going to work if you'd like.


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