[vcf-midatlantic] What's a good way to upgrade my Amiga 1000

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Wed Aug 16 11:49:47 EDT 2017

> What's a good way to upgrade my Amiga 1000. I like to get it setup which
> would let me download Amiga software online and transfer the files to my
> A1000 as I do with my C64 and Apple][.

The A1000 have a Zorro II slot?

You could find a SCSI controller for it then do SCSI2SD or an ACARD to 
Compact Flash, and move software that way.

Another software option is Amiga Explorer, runs on Windows lets you xfer 
stuff over serial to the system. The Amiga has derpy serial ports IIRC, 
and the xfer is really slow I think? IIRC When I ran amiga at high serial 
rates it went slow.

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