[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Aug 17 01:12:28 EDT 2017

We had a few scattered visitor groups today.

I got a parts bin at Harbor Freight and put it on the workbench. Bottom 
few rows are now full of screws and nuts and bolts and washers. Not as 
impressive as IXR's electronic components :) but at least it cleans up 
our workbench. The majority of the bin drawers are empty for future use.

I noticed that two of our 15-ish tablets were misconfigured. They were 
set to get content from a folder on vcfed.org rather than from the Pi on 
our local network. I fixed that.

Every few months someone from the Infoage board hosts a meeting for the 
various group leaders. There was one such meeting tonight. One of the 
highlights: Infoage got a grant to install ADA-compliant ramps for all 
the public buildings on campus. That includes our museum building 
("9010-A" in Infoage parlance from the Army days). I think it will be 
installed in the next few months.

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Vintage Computer Federation
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