[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Solar Eclipse sunglasses -- legit, better and still cheap

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> Heh, don't know that I'd trust a Harmful Freight device with my eyesight,
> but there are many other suppliers that will carry name-brand eye
> protection.

​yea, that's why I basically said any other tool store​
But even Amazon was busted recently for selling counterfiets

The goggle type devices are often called "cutting glasses" or
> "cutting goggles" because they're only used when cutting or welding with an
> oxy-fuel torch -- electric arc welding requires full face protection from
> the UV given off by the arc as it'll sunburn any exposed skin. Many big box
> hardware stores carry either Lincoln, Hobart, or Miller branded safety
> gear, which is fine, safe stuff.

​yea, I don't mind paying extra for those either
I don't have a welding mask any longer for many years, simply because I
don't have room to weld anything.
I was going to check the other local tool stores around here if they have
the same goggles in stock​

> We went in for new glasses last week, and the optometrist had cardboard and
> film filter glasses for free in their lobby.

​now that is one I would be very leery about trusting for my eyesight,
it's sounds no different than the gimmicky sunglasses sold elsewhere​

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