[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Solar Eclipse sunglasses -- legit, better and still cheap

Jason Perkins perkins.jason at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 10:15:32 EDT 2017

I work for an optometry chain, this email was sent to everyone last week:

If a patient inquires on directly viewing the eclipse, we should advise
them that even their
darkest sunglasses can’t protect them from damage caused by looking
directly at the sun during
an eclipse and we recommend avoiding it at all costs. Because our message
is clear, and we
want to reduce confusion about eclipse safety, we will not be stocking
eclipse eyewear within
the offices.

Along with the American Optometric Association and NASA, we should also
caution our
patients against purchasing the ‘eclipse glasses’ found online, as they
(like many online
products) may not provide the protection claimed by the manufacturer. For
more information
on eclipse safety, please visit www.aoa.org and eclipse2017.nasa.gov/safety.

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> > Heh, don't know that I'd trust a Harmful Freight device with my eyesight,
> > but there are many other suppliers that will carry name-brand eye
> > protection.
> ​yea, that's why I basically said any other tool store​
> But even Amazon was busted recently for selling counterfiets
> The goggle type devices are often called "cutting glasses" or
> > "cutting goggles" because they're only used when cutting or welding with
> an
> > oxy-fuel torch -- electric arc welding requires full face protection from
> > the UV given off by the arc as it'll sunburn any exposed skin. Many big
> box
> > hardware stores carry either Lincoln, Hobart, or Miller branded safety
> > gear, which is fine, safe stuff.
> >
> ​yea, I don't mind paying extra for those either
> I don't have a welding mask any longer for many years, simply because I
> don't have room to weld anything.
> I was going to check the other local tool stores around here if they have
> the same goggles in stock​
> >
> > We went in for new glasses last week, and the optometrist had cardboard
> and
> > film filter glasses for free in their lobby.
> >
> ​now that is one I would be very leery about trusting for my eyesight,
> it's sounds no different than the gimmicky sunglasses sold elsewhere​
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