[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Solar Eclipse sunglasses -- legit, better and still cheap

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> Thanks for the information! W.R.T. welding gear, it's typical for cutting
> glasses to come with a Shade 5 insert, and for arc welding helmets and face
> shields to be Shade 10. So, according to the recommendations, anything you
> get stock at the hardware store is likely to be too weak.
> Now, it's also my understanding that the shade value is for reducing eye
> strain and the worker's comfort -- too low of a shade will strain your
> eyes, but it's my understanding that the UV protection is inherent in any
> shade insert. So, if you do happen to have too weak of a shade insert in
> your gear, it'll probably make looking at a too-bright source unpleasant,
> but not dangerous. Again, what I've been told, so don't trust your eyeballs
> to that!
> I'd be surprised if the optometrist was giving out insufficient eyewear,
> since they would likely be legally liable for any eye damage resulting from
> the use of the glasses they were handing out.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
> \

With my kids I plan to use a shadow box, not look at the sun directly

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