[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Solar Eclipse sunglasses -- legit, better and still cheap

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I was an amateur astronomer. I advise against the referenced Harbor 
Freight goggles. Here's reliable information about Welder's glass. - Herb

https://www.harborfreight.com/ etc.

Set comes with both flip front and permanent #10 lens....


Welding goggles

quote from Rick Fienberg, press officer for the American Astronomical 
Society (AAS), said

"There is a particular circumstance in which [welding goggles are] 
safe," Fienberg said. "We don't recommend it because it's too easy to 
get the wrong kind of welding filter." Only goggles made for electric 
arc welding can be used to observe the sun, and they must have a shade 
scale number of 12 or higher. Shade 13 is ideal for solar viewing, but 
that shade is typically not sold in stores, Fienberg added.



Additional Safety Information

Viewing with Protection -- Experts suggests that one widely available 
filter for safe solar viewing is welders glass of sufficiently high 
number. The only ones that are safe for direct viewing of the Sun with 
your eyes are those of Shade 12 or higher. These are much darker than 
the filters used for most kinds of welding. If you have an old welder's 
helmet around the house and are thinking of using it to view the Sun, 
make sure you know the filter's shade number. If it's less than 12 (and 
it probably is), don't even think about using it to look at the Sun. 
Many people find the Sun too bright even in a Shade 12 filter, and some 
find the Sun too dim in a Shade 14 filter — but Shade 13 filters are 
uncommon and can be hard to find.

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