[vcf-midatlantic] Monitor needed for museum

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Aug 20 01:08:13 EDT 2017

> Rule#1
> get it working first, ie, connect standard  LCD monitor[1080] using the 
> generic settings it >already< has
> Rule#2
> fix your remote login, etc, etc, etc on a nice happy looking #$#%@ LCD 
> monitor with 1080
> Rule#3
> Then, make changes to fit your location​,
> ie small monitor for your rack
> Note: need linux tech support help

You're entirely missing the point.

Pi was working fine.

It still does work fine, in that it's functioning correctly as a file 
server to the tablets.

Bill Dudley knows Unix/Linux as well as anyone I've ever met.

However he found that he was suddenly unable to remotely log in the 
other day.

Thus we need to connect a display directly to the Pi.

We could spend a bunch of time trying to get a VGA working with it, or 
we could just get the right monitor in the first place -- one with an 
HDMI input.

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