[vcf-midatlantic] Monitor needed for museum

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Tue Aug 22 00:36:01 EDT 2017

> I stumbled on this tidbit in Pi-for-newbies site: "The TV pads allow you 
> to connect an RCA jack to the board instead of using the HDMI out."
> Hmmmmmmm.....
> That sounds helpful at home and at the museum too.

Continuing to think aloud: the big monitor already installed above our 
workbench has composite input. I know it works because I tested it with 
a Laser 128 not long ago. Unlike the HDMI monitor on the museum ceiling 
(facing the door), the composite monitor in the workshop can be 
comfortably viewed from anywhere. Plus a long RCA cable is something I 
have laying around, vs. buying a long HDMI cable. :)

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