[vcf-midatlantic] OT: my own Pi

Dan Roganti ragooman at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 18:52:50 EDT 2017

dude, you went thru this the last time you talked about your Pi Zero
there are 100s of websites out there with 1000s of projects --
they are very easy to find, you don't need that much Google Foo to find them
Nobody here is going to repeat all of them all, unless they are sorely
without a life.
Quit asking the obvious,  you have to just sit your butt down and look them
over to find something interesting

And yes it can be thought of as a Linux computer, it's an embedded
computer,  [read about it]
and it still has a full blown Linux install, not just some OpenWrt install
[read the difference]
what now you're not going to call your Apple ][ a computer anymore,
because it doesn't have Mag Tape drives or Hard drives as big as a washing
machine, pffft

BTW, did  you even finish your obligatory 'Blink the LED' project yet
and your answer better offer a realistic reply other than 'No'
if you want to get your hands dirty, and don't be a whimp, this is the only
way it comes to life

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