[vcf-midatlantic] Apple //c equipment in Erie PA

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Wed Aug 30 09:29:03 EDT 2017

> Hello all,
> I'm forwarding this info about a system in Erie PA that is on Craigslist
> for anyone interested who can get there:
> https://www.reddit.com/r/VintageApple/comments/6wfuw4/guy_says_hes_going_to_trash_all_this_if_it_doesnt/?st=j6xuel92&sh=aed30a5b
> https://t.co/stTtT9ewmS
> I live in Downingtown, so it is an 8 hour drive for me.  I don't need the
> equipment, but hope the software and floppies can be saved and imaged for
> archive.org.
> Eric


Looks like that's your first post on our list. Please introduce yourself.

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