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When I made my replica of the Popular Electronics Cyclops, I couldn't manage to get access to a drill press or box-and-pan break.
I finally used cut2Size metals:


I was very pleased with their work.  You can see the results here:


Look on the "Collecting Parts" page too.  The parts they made matched my drawing exactly and also (of course) fit the vintage chassis parts exactly.

As a quick aside, I just bought (last weekend) a small drill press and I'm looking forward to putting it to use.

Bill S.

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Anyone here know of a cheap metal solution for a small U frame or thin walled tube for a chassis project?  It would need to be something about 3.5"  x 2.5" x 10".  I will also need an end plate with some holes cut out that can mount to the chassis.

Thin steel and a break would work also I believe however I don't want to do the work.  If interested in the work let me know.


Henry S. Courbis

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