[vcf-midatlantic] FESTIVUS 2017 - README.TXT (PART 1)

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Sun Dec 3 16:18:08 EST 2017

I think one big e-mail was too much for everyone. I'm breaking it into
parts spread over many days.

Here is the signup list: https://docs.google.com/

December 9 & 10.

START - 10 A.M. on Saturday and goes late into the night until everyone
END - 5 P.M. on Sunday. (Re-starts around 10 A.M. Sunday morning)
InfoAge Building 9010-D - (2201 Marconi Road, Wall Township, NJ) - It will
be straight ahead once you enter through the gate. The door is marked Sandy
Recovery and is up the steps.

InfoAge management wants us to park inside the campus, in a neat orderly
row, between the Festivus building and the IXR MakerSpace building.

Here's is my crude map: https://drive.google.com/

InfoAgeMap (Park behind Q/R/S)  http://infoage.org/visiting/

The holiday train show is going on, so we are discouraged from parking in
the main parking lot, since they will be reserved for guests of the model
train show.

Do not cost IA money by leaving it open to confuse paying guests. Always
close it behind you when you enter/exit, EVEN IF IT WAS ALREADY OPEN!


*PAY ME! (Jeff Brace) -
$10 for all members attending Festivus, which VCF pays to InfoAge to
renting the space and buy food and supplies.

$25 if you are staying overnight. See below for details.

We can accept cash. If you want to pay via PayPal, I can have a machine

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