[vcf-midatlantic] Stuff FS/FT at Festivus (or otherwise)

Todd George todd.george at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 16:36:06 EST 2017

Hi all,

My computer room and garage are bursting at the seams from the amount of
vintage computing crap I've amassed of-late.

I know I have more stuff than I'll ever find the time to work on and want
to prioritize the process of offloading some of the excess.  Problem is, I
need motivation to dig into the stuff that doesn't personally interest me.
In order to drive motivation, I'll list some of the things that I'm looking
to get rid of.

Here's the deal, the details are limited as generally I only know that I
have these items, haven't documented them in-detail.  If you are interested
in something let me know (off list) and I'll dig whatever it is out and get
more details over to you including pictures or whatnot.  Alternatively, I
can drag whatever it is to Festivus and you can poke at it in person, no
pressure, no obligation.

I'm trying to move some inventory so if you don't like a price, let me know
or make an offer, maybe we can work something out or I'm just off my rocker
and need some sense talked into me.  Would also consider trades +/- cash
for Amiga machines and accessories, Commodore stuff in general (although
I'm up to my eyeballs in C64s and VIC-20s), an IBM 5140 Convertible or 5155
Portable (or other portable/transportable computing equipment), 100MB USB
(or SCSI) Zip Drive, or PowerBooks/Apple Macintosh equipment.

Here's the list:
- Commodore 1541 Disk Drives - $25 to $35 depending on condition
- Apple IIc w/Apple Monochrome Monitor IIc - Working, computer needs to be
cleaned, monitor is gorgeous and has been Retrobrited, has monitor stand -
- Apple Monochrome Monitor IIc with stand new/unused in box, seal broken,
tested - $80
- White TI 99-4/A - $35
- Commodore 64 retail boxes - $10
- TRS-80 Model III 48K - $150
- TRS-80 Model 4P (No lid!) - $175
- Tandy Color Computer 1 - $45
- Tandy Color Computer 2 ("melted keys" version) - $55
- iBook G3 (not working, video chip needs reflow/replacement) - $10
- 586 Small SBC/Single Board Computers - $50
- 13 and 19” CRT televisions - $10 each
- Viewsonic E90fb 19" CRT Monitor - $40
- NEC XV17+ 17" CRT Monitor - $65
- Bondi Blue iMac - $40
- Various pizza box Macintosh LCII and LCIII computers - $30 to $60
- Apple StyleWriter 2500 - $40
- Various Star Micronics and other Dot Matrix Printers
- XBox Classic TSOP Modded, no software installed - $30

For potential deals outside of Festivus, I'm located in Quakertown, PA and
generally disinterested in shipping.  I've got great eBay feedback, and
quite a few people here know I'm a straight-shooter.

Thanks all,

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