[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Dec 3 20:33:10 EST 2017

Adam and I were at the museum from 11:00-6:30 today.

- Jason H., who used to live out here and was an active MARCH member, 
visited today from Seattle. He hadn't seen the museum. The first words 
out of his mouth upon entering were, "It looks professional!" vs. our 
old exhibit. He hung out with us until about 5:00 and even helped clean 
our workbench.

- Adam counted our Commodore 128s .... FIFTEEN! That's a dozen more than 
we need. We'll test them all another time (probably at the next workshop 
in January) and then figure out how to get the surplus into collectors' 

- Adam also sorted/organized some other Commodore accessories, 
joysticks, etc. which were cluttering our warehouse entrance area.

- We checked out a donation of a TI Professional Computer 
(Osborne-esque) which arrived yesterday. It looks brand new except for 
the keycaps, most of which are yellowed although a few random ones seem 
pristine. Weird!

- We put aside 50-something Pickett slide rules and a new-in-box Atari 
Flashback 2, which as Jeff B. posted will be given away at Festivus.

- We put another Flashback 2 into the museum workshop and attached it to 
the big monitor on the wall. It works fine but there was no audio. We 
determined the wires from the monitor's side-mounted speakers were 
damaged. Chances are high that some of the more experienced members can 
fix this. I'd still rather connect one of our real 2600s, but first we 
need to acquire a modular (not a demodulator) because the monitor 
doesn't have a coax input. I think Dean said he has one.

- We had a slow but steady stream of museum visitors. Maybe about 20 
people total. Lots of parents/children due to the InfoAge holiday train 
show. The highlight was a precocious and extroverted 7-year-old girl who 
really got into it.

- We stopped at Home Depot and got a 50-pack of contractor-grade trash 
bags. Our warehouse supply of these was done.

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