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We actually need an RF de-modulator. I'm checking for a spare, but in case
I dont have one, could anyone coming to Festivus have one? Thanks.

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> Adam and I were at the museum from 11:00-6:30 today.
> - Jason H., who used to live out here and was an active MARCH member,
> visited today from Seattle. He hadn't seen the museum. The first words
> out of his mouth upon entering were, "It looks professional!" vs. our
> old exhibit. He hung out with us until about 5:00 and even helped clean
> our workbench.
> - Adam counted our Commodore 128s .... FIFTEEN! That's a dozen more than
> we need. We'll test them all another time (probably at the next workshop
> in January) and then figure out how to get the surplus into collectors'
> hands.
> - Adam also sorted/organized some other Commodore accessories,
> joysticks, etc. which were cluttering our warehouse entrance area.
> - We checked out a donation of a TI Professional Computer
> (Osborne-esque) which arrived yesterday. It looks brand new except for
> the keycaps, most of which are yellowed although a few random ones seem
> pristine. Weird!
> - We put aside 50-something Pickett slide rules and a new-in-box Atari
> Flashback 2, which as Jeff B. posted will be given away at Festivus.
> - We put another Flashback 2 into the museum workshop and attached it to
> the big monitor on the wall. It works fine but there was no audio. We
> determined the wires from the monitor's side-mounted speakers were
> damaged. Chances are high that some of the more experienced members can
> fix this. I'd still rather connect one of our real 2600s, but first we
> need to acquire a modular (not a demodulator) because the monitor
> doesn't have a coax input. I think Dean said he has one.
> - We had a slow but steady stream of museum visitors. Maybe about 20
> people total. Lots of parents/children due to the InfoAge holiday train
> show. The highlight was a precocious and extroverted 7-year-old girl who
> really got into it.
> - We stopped at Home Depot and got a 50-pack of contractor-grade trash
> bags. Our warehouse supply of these was done.
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