[vcf-midatlantic] Museum letter to Festivus Claus

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Dec 4 11:49:10 EST 2017

> 20 foot cable? Seems excessive. My gut tells me that there is a simpler way
> to do what you want. How will you be demonstrating this exactly. Kids will
> be walking into the workshop area? Or will you be wheeling it out for them
> to see? Can't you use a small monitor like a //c monitor, Apple monitor or
> even a Commodore 1702 monitor?

Infoage wants all the groups to do some classes next year, as you know. 
For the classes I'd move the desk (it's on wheels) to the small event 
room down the hall. But I already started doing some impromptu demos 
when I sense that a kid is patient/smart enough to understand it and 
when we're not too busy with other visitors. For those demos I let the 
kid/parent into the workshop .... another reason for me to oblige your 
constant reminders to keep it clean/organized. :) The small //c monitor 
is no good because it's monochrome. Adam and I put the larger //c color 
monitor there yesterday, but a normal size color monitor = takes up 
valuable desk space and it won't fit on the window sill. So, our choices 
are to order another 2x3-ft. flat shelf (we're out of them, and they 
cost around $25) or to buy a $6 cable and just hook up to the huge 
screen on the wall. The cable will be tucked away behind stuff, not in 
the way of anything else, and (I think) I showed you the A/V switcher 
box that I already brought it. Box makes it easy to press a single 
button and change input sources -- one button each for the Atari, Laser, 
video sources, etc. ... and when we do the real demos in the classroom 
we'll use projector. See, I got it all figured out. :)

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