[vcf-midatlantic] vacuum tube computers

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 13:41:36 EST 2017

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> > PS: a vacuum tube, controls electrons going from a hot metal to a metal
> > plate. The flow of electrons is a current, like water from a faucet. The
> > current is controlled by the electrons going through a grid. a grid is
> > wires strung across the current-flow, which repel the electrons like
> > magnets do. Just as you can control water by turning a faucet, you can
> > control electric currents with a vacuum tube, by changing voltages on
> > its grid. Old radios and TV's, very old computers, used vacuum tubes.
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One notable exception - Many of the best new production guitar and bass
amps still use tubes.      It's not a nostalgia thing, they often sound
better and there is a market for the "tube sound" because solid state amps
can't seem to reproduce it.  I use both tube and solid state amplifiers.
Many have tubes as pre-amps, there are also guitar pedals with tubes in
them, same purpose.  They warm up the sound before the post-gain power
amplifier pushes the sound signal to the speakers.


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