[vcf-midatlantic] batteries in computers (was: NeXTstation)

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 18:56:44 EST 2017

> Other foam will break down and loose sticky foam bits will spread and are
> a pain to clean after they spread but don't seem to do damage.
> May be good to try to keep track of what should be checked when conserving
> an artifact. That information would be useful to other collectors.
> What other stuff have people run across?
I have had my battles with old duct or reinforced packing tape on external
surfaces/case.  Seems to burrow in there, impossible to clean off..

My personal most-despised pollutant is rodent urine, yuck.  I know some of
you have done a great job cleaning this, more power to you.  When I get
anything that's full of nests it better be really worth it to not just
chuck in the trash.



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