[vcf-midatlantic] Have you grown tired of your WiF232 Internet Modem?

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Dec 4 18:58:37 EST 2017

> I've spoken with Paul Rickards about helping make more units.  There's some
> new competition as mentioned, and unless Paul has a real burning desire to
> share files then it's probably not worth cloning as I / Manila Gear had
> planned.

Ah cool. The things I'm aware of on Amazon and such aren't really ... 
aimed at the same market? They're commercial serial servers similar to the 
Lantronix MSS and MS units, Digi Portserver units and such aimed at 
commercial people using them for automation, signage, access control 
systems and such.

> After some talking with Bill Degnan and John Morris (Applesauce:
> https://wiki.reactivemicro.com/Applesauce), I think there are some issue
> that need to be addressed with the project in order to better support more
> platforms as well as some missing options.  When Morris is done with
> Applesauce we have plans to tackle some other less relevant projects and
> this particular one I feel should be pretty simple.  And if done correctly
> can offer a lot more to the retro community than the current solutions.

Really SSH client support is the only thing I can think of, and that might 
require more processor ass.

The neat thing about the wifi232 (from what I've read) is that it supports 
ATDT to dial out, so as long as term program doesn't do input restriction 
you could have a directory of hosts in say -- qmodem.

An ISA card might be cool :-) But if you made an ISA card version for the 
DOS people, you could also leave jumpers to cut or not install and leave 
off the uart with just pins for serial lines then it could also be 
installed inside an Amiga 2000ish computers.

> Not sure when the project would start, however I guess about April assuming
> all goes well with Applesauce in the coming months.

So many projects... so little time!

 			- Ethan

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