[vcf-midatlantic] Have you grown tired of your WiF232 Internet Modem?

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Mon Dec 4 19:05:38 EST 2017

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> I've spoken with Paul Rickards about helping make more units.  There's some
>> new competition as mentioned, and unless Paul has a real burning desire to
>> share files then it's probably not worth cloning as I / Manila Gear had
>> planned.
> Ah cool. The things I'm aware of on Amazon and such aren't really ...
> aimed at the same market? They're commercial serial servers similar to the
> Lantronix MSS and MS units, Digi Portserver units and such aimed at
> commercial people using them for automation, signage, access control
> systems and such.
> After some talking with Bill Degnan and John Morris (Applesauce:
>> https://wiki.reactivemicro.com/Applesauce), I think there are some issue
>> that need to be addressed with the project in order to better support more
>> platforms as well as some missing options.  When Morris is done with
>> Applesauce we have plans to tackle some other less relevant projects and
>> this particular one I feel should be pretty simple.  And if done correctly
>> can offer a lot more to the retro community than the current solutions.
> Really SSH client support is the only thing I can think of, and that might
> require more processor ass.
> The neat thing about the wifi232 (from what I've read) is that it supports
> ATDT to dial out, so as long as term program doesn't do input restriction
> you could have a directory of hosts in say -- qmodem.
> An ISA card might be cool :-) But if you made an ISA card version for the
> DOS people, you could also leave jumpers to cut or not install and leave
> off the uart with just pins for serial lines then it could also be
> installed inside an Amiga 2000ish computers.
> Not sure when the project would start, however I guess about April assuming
>> all goes well with Applesauce in the coming months.
> So many projects... so little time!
>                         - Ethan
Harry and I have had been brainstorming ...

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