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84 (I read it twice, so 42+42)

On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 2:31 PM Jeffrey Brace via vcf-midatlantic <
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> VCF will have tables setup for food and games.
> We will have two full sized refrigerators and one full sized freezer to
> temporarily store food and drinks.
> We will be borrowing *my* propane grill to cook hamburgers and hot
> dogs outside.
> Everyone is encouraged to bring their own drinks and enough to share with
> others. Bring your favorite and put what you are bringing on the list:
> *FOOD:*
> VCF will be supplying hamburgers, hot dogs, condiments, plates, forks,
> napkins, cups.
> I sent out a list of what we need. E-mail me if you want to bring.
> You are encouraged to bring your own favorite good and put what you are
> bringing on the list:
> Ian: Vintage video games and boob tubes.
> Jeff Brace: Namco Joystick games, C64 Jostick Games, Intellivision Joystick
> Games, C64 with Super CPU and Metal Dust with optional PS2 controller,
> Cards
> Against Humanity!, Vectrex
> Evan: Will be entertaining us bad jokes and stinky farts.
> Bill Degnan: Live action Terrance and Philip skit with Jeff Brace.
> Name the farter/burper: Throughout the night there will be a contest to
> identify who farted or burped. Difficulty will increase when we are all in
> bed and it is dark.
> Let me know if you want to stay overnight. The cost is $25. A mattress is
> provided in a bunk bed frame. You provide your own mattress cover,
> blankets, pillows. There is a shower area, lounge, bunk beds, hot water for
> tea, microwave oven, toaster oven, keurig, coffee pot, ice machine, sink,
> cable TV, wi-fi.
> Evan will be responsible for sorting the snoring people into the "snoring
> room" and the non-snoring people into the "non-storing" room.
> To get an accurate headcount, let me know as soon as possible that you are
> staying overnight and how many nights. There will be coffee, milk, cream,
> sugar and tea bags available as well.
> You are allowed to bring items to sell and trade with specific individuals,
> but this isn't a hamfest where you get a table to sell your stuff. If you
> want to bring your stuff, you are encourage to post to the list what you
> want to sell/trade and set it up ahead of time with individuals.
> Anything you bring in and don't sell/trade, you bring home.
> We can set aside a freebie table as per traditional, but you *must* take
> your stuff home before leaving if no one takes it.
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1odmPxfBK9BrR-NDZIx4_c-V2lZpt_-vU-
> 3fIBGiyrM4/edit?usp=sharing
> <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1odmPxfBK9BrR-NDZIx4_c-V2lZpt_-vU-3fIBGiyrM4/edit?usp=sharing>
> If anyone is actually reading this, then reply with 42.
Normal Person: Hey, it seems that you know a lot.
Geek: To be honest, it's due to all the surfing I do.
Normal Person: So you go surfing?
Normal Person: But I don't think that has anything to do with knowing a
Geek: I think that's wrong on a fundamental level.
Normal Person: Huh? Huh? What?

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