[vcf-midatlantic] vacuum tube computers

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Wed Dec 6 23:24:42 EST 2017

 > Neil Cherry
 > Would analog computers have be used in control systems
 > where feed back would be used?

Possibly. Generally analog computers in "physical plants" would be used 
to simulate the plant's operation. For instance, an oil refinery. The 
computer would not control the plant, but various controls and valves 
might be adjusted based on the model's response, when set-up to model 
the production of some chemical or distillation product.

Most analog computers solve the same problem over and over again, to 
produce an oscillograph or paper-graph - not for real-time operations. 
Real-time may run faster or slower than the simulation. But, some labs 
(psychology labs testing human or animal responses) might use an analog 
computer to perform the test and record results.


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