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> Pierri, Florencia wrote
> I wanted to bring your attention to a new exhibit we have at the Sarnoff
> Collection that might be of interest to all of you, *Playing with
> Innovation: The Games of Joseph Weisbecker*

I've had the pleasure of meeting Florencia at the Collection. I had some 
small participation in the exhibit, by evaluating the FRED 2 computer 
which will be part of the "Games" exhibit. I've described the likely 
FRED 2 on this Web page:


That page has links to another Web page, about the "System 00" at the 
Collection. It's likely the earliest prototype of the COSMAC 1802 
architecture. The FRED 2 has a two-chip implementation of what became 
the 1802 microprocessor. System 00 is pure TTL logic - but implements 
the same COSMAC instruction set.

The exhibit emphasizes Weisbecker's experience as a board-game and 
game-toy designer and producer, of "computer logic" games. The 
FRED/COSMAC, represents the computer-logic flavor he put into many of 
his games; and his day-job as RCA engineer. Some of those games, were 
implemented as the earliest programs on the COSMAC computers in the 
Collection. Joe's daughter Joyce has had recent acknowledgement, as "the 
first female commercial/indie video game designer", from her 
game-programming work on the earliest COSMACs.

On the exhibit Web pages, is the RCA COSMAC Microtutor; a predecessor to 
the COSMAC ELF (Popular Electronics Aug 1976 article) and to generations 
of "Elf" COSMAC computers. The VCFed museum, has a Microtutor and other 
RCA microcomputer development products. I brought the Collection's 
Microtutor to VCF-East a few years ago. I"ve been supporting a COSMAC 
ELF derivative for some years now, on my Web site.

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