Festivus Festivities, Thank You!

SVCatITC at aol.com SVCatITC at aol.com
Sun Dec 10 12:44:01 EST 2017

First and foremost:   THANK YOU Jeff Brace, and Evan  for  all you did in 
setting up
                               this  year's festivities.
Thank You's also go out to:
Bill Dromgoole:  for our reminiscing down memory lane on high class  
construction of "old iron".
Bill Degnan:      for the invite to your place  when around Avondale, PA.
Herb Johnson:   for the wise and expert knowledge imparted to the  group 
                         analog computation and simulation, and other 
subjects throughout the  year.
                       Look for follow up from me sometime this week.
Jeff Jonas:       for the assist in the  accent lighting materials for the 
EAI TR 20. Stay safe.
Tony Bogan:   for the spirited discussion at breakfast on  Sunday.  Will 
miss you at Festival East.
Alex Jacocks:  Ditto, and look for more industrial museum info  offline.   
See you at the Jan. workshop.
Mouse:             Loved the tats.  Cool!
Dean & Drew:  Wished we could have talked more.    Thanks anyway!  Drew I 
need to show you
                       pix  of the steam plant there at IA close to 9032.
Bill Dudley:     Look forward to maybe seeing your  collection, since you 
are close in Jackson.
And to all that I missed,  I enjoyed our discussions. Sorry for not  
identifying you.
   The brain here is getting feeble. Forgive me.
As more updates come in on the EAI TR 20 project, they will be forwarded  
Hope to see most of you at the Jan. workshop.
Bill Inderrieden

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