[vcf-midatlantic] Small Intro and a Thank You to everyone

Lou despairempire at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 00:24:26 EST 2017

Hello! My name is Lou Kohn but I also go by Faust in the community (IRC
mainly). I am 27 years young with a jump to 28 next weekend and I live in
the farmlands and suburbs of Gloucester County New Jersey. As for my
interest in vintage computing it comes from many different places, from my
fascination in technology at an early age to experiencing my first time
using a system which was a 486sx on win3.11 (I know not really old) and
exploring different systems, the history and what ultimately became of them
in relation and development to modern technology today. I love exploring
more obscure systems and different operating systems with my current
interest towards different flavors of Unix, but also I have great
appreciation and interest in the "Big Iron" systems which I still want to
learn more from. In fact when it comes to learning I still have a lot ahead
of myself but I am always eager to pick up anything I can to better
understand it. In fact this year I am going to be doing a lot of this when
it comes to doing hardware and I hope to grasp hardware repair better
because a big part of the hobby is repairing and restoring. I hope that I
can find a place here among others who share the same interest and maybe
even become a regular in due time!

Also I have to give you all a big thank you Saturday night when attending
the festivus event! Not only was it my first but being the socially awkward
person that I am (with an even more socially awkward fiancee that was with
me during the event) everyone was so nice and awesome, we really felt
welcome to be there and just have fun among everyone. A special thanks to
Evan for the tour around the building, Ian for using his CRT repair kung-fu
in figuring out what was up with my terminal and Herb for giving me a scsi
drive for a mac that did not have one. I can go on with the thanks but to
make it clear its wonderful to be among a group like this and I cannot wait
for the next event. Hope everyone else enjoyed the weekend and got home

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