[vcf-midatlantic] Could a Blockchain based file system be the answer!

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 10:45:11 EST 2017

In regards to the old media that needs to be digitized and stored for
posterity, if there was a blockchain based file system, in conjunction with
a crypto-currency token, I’m thinking that something like that could create
a permanent and immutable storage-space, where all software is archived,
and available for all time (or as long as computers are still a thing).

If anyone has ideas or experience in working with blockchain code and
building upon it, I believe that something like this could ensure that
software doesn’t “disappear” again.  Because even if someone had a server
with copies of all of the old software, it still ends up as a single point
of failure, if that machine gets wiped/hacked/etc.  But having that same
data-store on a distributed blockchain based file system, there no longer
is that single point of failure. Even more robust than storing it on
Google’s or Amazon’s storage.

Yes, I know there are literally thousands of various crypto currencies out
there, and if not marketed right, it could potentially fall by the wayside.

The way I see this working on the file system level is that people will
allocate a portion of their hard drive storage to the project. The people
who allocated storage would be compensated over time with the crypto
currency of the project. It would be an encrypted and possibly sandboxed
storage subsystem, to prevent malicious software from affecting their
machines.  There may also be compensation when that data is accessed,
regardless of if it’s a read or write.

There would be multiple, identical copies of the various data spread across
all of the machines in the network. That way if a machine is down, there
are other sources for the file.

This is really a rough idea at this point and likely needs significant
“polishing” before the project is even to the starting gate.

If there’s interest in pursuing a project like this, email me off list, and
we’ll coordinate and communicate on either a different email list or some
other platform.


Joe O.
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