[vcf-midatlantic] Strange 8" drive

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Dec 21 10:36:12 EST 2017

>>> Matt Patoray

>>> I was looking at an issue of RCA "Broadcast News" from December 1975,...
>>> picture of the main rack mount unit shows an 8" floppy drive,....

Page 52 of the PDF (50 of the magazine) shows a photo of a floppy drive 
with a simple lever for a drive-eject. Probably a hard-sectored drive, 
produced by one of any number of 8-inch drive manufacturers of the 

I "cover" the oldest floppy drives and controllers on my Web site, 
because Dr Gary Kildall and Dr. John Torode produced a floppy controller 
running CP/M in early 1974. The natural question is, what other floppy 
controllers were around at that time? They were non-microprocessor based 
controllers, intended for minicomputers or the earliest microprocessors.


Sykes and ICOM and others produced drives and controllers in the era. A 
look through ComputerWorld or other computer-trade magazines of 1975 and 
earlier may find an identifying ad for the RCA-used floppy drive.

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