[vcf-midatlantic] Could a Blockchain based file system be the answer!

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Dec 21 12:06:15 EST 2017

> Internet Archive and the like are great resources,
> and I support their works, but they are still a "cathedral entity." If they
> disappear, we lose a LOT! If for some unfortunate reason they collapse,
> we're stuck with a lot of rebuilding of the archive as a community.
> Volunteers keeping torrents would not only distribute many recoverable
> duplicates of the overall content, but will also allow for a quick recovery
> of the whole.

I don't understand "torrents", and don't need to. They seem to amount to 
copying and Web distribution of archived content in an active real-time way.

Seems to me, there's no shortage of people who are obsessed with copying 
vintage archives and making them available - their way. Whatever 
technology they choose to that end, is up to them. That said, others say 
"I won't bother to obtain this manual, someone else has preserved it". A 
problem of excess.

And access to Web servers has never EVER been cheaper - skip some 
business lunches and pay for a year. (Funding was part of the original 
post.) Ask some users to donate some dollars - and we as users *should* 
make those contributions, to guard against the "fall of the Cathedral".

Note: the Internet Archive "is a mile wide and an inch deep". It doesn't 
save enough, for the purposes of this discussion.

Torrents, blockchain, distributed file systems - all "hammers" looking 
for a "nail", in my opinion as an engineer among other engineers. I'm 
scanning manuals and making them available, thank you, and I have my own 
tools. When my "cathedral" falls, the people who got my content, will 
resurrect it; and I may provide for other "cathedrals" too; and for what 
was in mine. Thanks for reminding me of this issue.

Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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