Digest, Vol 26, Issue 19, BlockChain Filing / Akin to Bitsavers

svcatitc at aol.com svcatitc at aol.com
Thu Dec 21 13:51:11 EST 2017

To The Guys: Degan, Jonas, Johnson and Oprysko.   And all others listening and interested.

In a non related search of other stuff, I came across this, which I had not seen originally on the News Hour.


It shows what is being done out in CA, concerning constructing a complete digital library archive of the human knowledge, formidable task to be sure, and addresses (not yet completely solved) how to access the knowledge base in "50 let alone 500 years".  

The technology we all play in is so fragile!  Both hardware and software!!!

Runs 10min with a intro advert for a Broadway production of Shakespeare's  Farinelli and the King that you
have to sit through.

Bill Inderrieden

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