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Fri Dec 22 12:30:05 EST 2017

Bill Inderrieden's  post was subject'ed by "digest" - he answered a 
digest email, not an individual email. So I chose to reply with a proper 
subject-line. HIs post was:

Thu Dec 21 13:51:11 EST 2017

To The Guys: Degan, Jonas, Johnson and Oprysko.   And all others 
listening and interested.

In a non related search of other stuff, I came across this, which I had 
not seen originally on the [PBS] News Hour.


It shows what is being done out in CA, concerning constructing a 
complete digital library archive of the human knowledge, formidable task 
to be sure, and addresses (not yet completely solved) how to access the 
knowledge base in "50 let alone 500 years".

The technology we all play in is so fragile!  Both hardware and 
software!!! Runs 10min with a intro advert for a Broadway production of 
Shakespeare's  Farinelli and the King, that you have to sit through.

Bill Inderrieden

The interview was aired   01/02/17, an interview including Brewster 
Kahle of the Internet Archive, Jeffrey Brown reporter. The video  of 
Kahle shows a stack of servers in some former San Fransisco church. It's 
worth viewing to see the facility.

One row of four hard drives, says Kahle, represents "all the words in 
the Library of Congress". The Web is fragile, says the narrator Brown, 
because links break, documents are edited or removed, owners shut down 
their sites. Others interviewed say, computers & storage break and 
become obsolete. Mr Peabody is cited as the inventor of "the Wayback 
Machine" (look it up, millennials).

"what the archive saves, is based on popularity" (narrator). (sigh) A 
million flies...."why aren't all the books digitized?" (Kahle). (sigh, 
because we are capitalists).

And by the way: in looking up Kahle, I came across the Internet Archive 
Blog, and his remarks of Feb 2 2017 on "micropayments".


which 1) goes to recovering costs by a mechanism of micropayments from 
certain Internet Archive readers and 2) goes to a reference to my old 
mentor, and former New Jersey resident, Project Xanadu's Ted Nelson. 
He's widely credited for associating micropayments with hypertext (he 
coined the term). also 3) it mentioned bitcoin which is akin to 
blockchain, a technology in discussion.

Please note: this is what curation looks like.

Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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