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Very cool history! I'm working on one at this very moment. The BYT-8 CPU
board is a very good 8080 board, with built in vector interrupt controller.
I think a few of you bought up those blank BYT-8 CPU boards I found a few
years ago and built them up. I've got one of their front panel boards, also
a very nice design, much more stable than the Altair front panel, but I
don't have a dress panel for it.

Apparently a fair number of people at the Los Gatos labs had S-100 systems
of their own. IBM was apparently even using IMSAIs themselves as part of
their testing process for some of the ICs they were working on there. They
couldn't find fast/reliable/dense enough S-100 RAM boards on the market at
the time, so they made their own...using IBM FSU RAM chips! I've got three
of the boards, and a story from their previous owner:



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> I know a few people on our list have Byte Shop Byt-8 computers. I happened
> to be emailing with store owner Paul Terrell recently. I asked him who did
> the system design, and thought some of you would be interested in his
> response: "My next door neighbor in San Jose was a design engineer for IBM
> at their Los Gatos Labs and he did the design work for the Byte 8 CPU card
> and front panel board with the led lights and switches and one uped the
> Altair front panel with some extra debug features. He transferred to their
> Tuscon office and I heard he had passed away."
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