[vcf-midatlantic] Museum inventory database software

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Dec 25 19:34:10 EST 2017

We're looking for recommendations for an inventory database system. Here 
are the requirements in no particular order.

- Resides online so we can view/update it over the internet (awesome if 
we could view/make changes via smartphone browser, etc.)
- Secure + password-protected from prying outsiders (we're not 
interested in telling the world what we have at this time)
- Evan-usable GUI for when we need to customize the fields/hierarchy (we 
don't want to have to rely on anyone for this)
- Not a kludged-together homebrew thing that only the builder can use 
(we know you can all make a LAMP stack, that alone isn't the solution)
- Commercial "cloud" services are fine, but nothing too expensive (f it 
works and it's reasonably priced, then I don't care if they use 
- Nothing hosted on the accounts/servers of individuals/other groups 
(VCF is a real organization, we need to keep things under control)
- We need something relatively soon. This can't be a slow-moving project 
that gets 75% implemented in six months.
- There are open-source museum applications, but they seem way too 
big/complicated for us.

All constructive recommendations are welcome within these requirements.

I saw a company called Airtable which might meet the requirements, but I 
didn't quite understand how to use it.

Granted my only hands-on database experience was Appleworks back in the 
7th grade. :)

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